English Bulldog “Screw Tail” Care

Hey there English Bulldog lover,

Today we wanted to share a little about English Bulldog ‘Screw Tails’ and how to take care of them.  Our little girl Noble (our 12 month old bully) has a ‘screw tail’ and we learned from Jan Oswald and her Healthy Bulldog E-book that we really need to stay on top of cleaning it to make sure she doesn’t get a Yeast infection. 

So far we haven’t had to clean Noble’s screw tail every day but you may need to depending on your English Bulldog. 

It’s important to clean all the little folds so your bully doesn’t get an infection.  We use regular, non-scented, alcohol-free Baby Wipes to clean her tail and they work great.  You can pick these up at any supermarket. 

Regular cleaning will keep the yeast problems at bay and keep your English Bulldog healthy and happy. 

All the best,

Kyle and Trinity

PS – If you have an English Bulldog we strongly recommend you check out Jan’s ‘Healthy Bulldog’ E-book so you can learn all the tips and insider tricks to keeping your English Bulldog healthy.  To learn more Click Here….