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My English Bulldog 'Noble'
Dear friend,

Welcome to English Bulldog blog dot com!! If you’re reading this chances are you share the same love as I do for the very special breed of English Bulldogs. My name is Kyle Battis and here is a picture of my English Bulldog “Noble.” (pretty dar adorable little female ‘Bully’).

I started this site to share videos, expert interviews, information, English Bulldog Health tips, and funny stories about English Bulldogs

I love this dog breed and want to share our fun stories, audios, vidoes, tips and wonderful pictures with you. 

I sincerely hope that you enjoy this site and enjoy these loveable ‘Bullies’ as much as possible…


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  1. We just bought a male English Bulldog who is now 9 weeks and was wondering if anyone has found it to be worth purchasing pet insurance? We’re thinking about going with Embrace they have the best coverage at the best price.
    Thank you for your time.
    Best Regards,
    Vanessa and Gunny

  2. Hello!

    I also have two Olde English Bulldogs! One six year old, one six month old. We own an all natural, gourmet dog treat bakery. We were wondering if you would be willing to advertise fro us in exchange for treats? I;m sure your bulldog is hungry…ours always are!


  3. I have a 2 year old english bulldog female (fixed) and a chocalate lab 7 years. We have had such a good experience with the buldg breedd that we decided to buy another, a male. he is 13 weeks old and all boy, the pobem that we are having is that he will constantly smother and try to play and grab onto my females gowles in a seemingly playful manner. She takes it with a grin and just keep walking away from him and he follows. later in the day when she feels like it she will play and rough house with him. my question is should I and how do I stop him from annoying her or will she eventually “put him in his place”

  4. I got a male EB 8 1/2 years ago, loved him instantly and he has been my best friend and companion. Pudge makes me laugh every day, protects me, rarely gets out of my sight and is a 24 hour a day delight. We like to take long, slow walks, he must smell and check out everything and every person in his path. He’s not always friendly but he can be very sweet when he gets to know someone. He is beautiful brindle with a white chest, one white paw, two white splashes on his head and a black mask. He is a big fella, weighs around 75 pounds and is sort of tall for the breed. He snores like a freight train and I love that sound, he also burps, snorts, makes a huge mess when he eats or drinks and has other digestive issues that can quickly clear a room. He is currently staying with family members while I am on a vacation that he would have hated. All is well except his sister (litter mate), the Diva Phoenix, so accustomed to being the focal point of her owners, is very tired of sharing the spotlight with Pudgie and wants him out. Soon, he ans I will be a team again, me and my wing man, I miss him so much.

  5. Eric Palacioz

    Is there anything ( material) a bully can’t rip up. We have gone through several beds and just want one our Lulu won’t eat. She has plenty of toys in her kennel. Any advice?

  6. Hi there,
    I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on adopting 2 english bulldog puppies from the same litter at the same time.
    I have heard different opinions about this.
    Some say that when adopting littermates, the puppies tend to bond together and not with their human master.
    Any advice would be appreciated, thanks a million,
    Isabelle 🙂

  7. I have a new litter of AKC bred English bulldogs that all were born with long tails. Everything Isee on the internet says it only happens in rare occasions. I paired the same & sire to improve thebreed. The puppies are excellent looking compared to AKC bulldog standards, except the tail. My vet has actually bred English bulldogs for over 30 years. She told me pups are born with long tails more than we think. She said it’s from the bulldog breed being bred by so many people. The original bulldogs had long tails until they were bred with pugs (note the corkscrew tail). My bulldog was able to successfully free welp her entire litter of 7 pups with no help or problems. This is a definite improvement in the breed. I just wanted to help other bully owners that have had this with little to no information about the subject. Any feedback is appreciated.

  8. Mario Hernandez

    Hi my bulldog has developed two large lumps below his jaw where all the loose skin hangs and has become very inactive and won’t eat. He is not his usual self and i am very worried about him. Can you tell me what may be the problem with him, or if you have heard of this before?

  9. I have a bully too, I can’t imagine life without him, his name is Noble Pierre Abelard (Abe), he’s six years old and has a nice home he let’s me and Dad live in.

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