The 7 Best Harnesses For Bulldogs

english bulldog harness

Bulldogs have a different body build when compared to other dogs owing to their short legs and wide shoulders. As a result, a bulldog harness has unique dimensions. In this article, I set out to compare different harnesses and find out the best English bulldog harness. Read the sections that follow below for more information …

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What Is The Ideal Weight For An English Bulldog?

english bulldog in leaves

English bulldogs are stocky and dense by nature what is the ideal weight for an English Bulldog? I have known many other bulldog owners over the years as well. Many of us struggled with finding the best solution to maintain their weight. We talked with our veterinarians, done a lot of research and tried everything …

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Applying the Campbell puppy test to your English bulldog

english bulldog sleeping floor

Recently, many prospective dog owners have asked me whether the Campbell Puppy Test can accurately predict an English Bulldog puppy’s long-term behavior. So, I’ve decided to post this short Question and Answer article that hopefully addresses your concerns. Question 1: Should I have my English bulldog puppy tested at all? The Campbell Test and other …

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Welcome To The!!

cute english bulldog puppy

Fellow English Bulldog Lover, Welcome to the English Bulldog  On this blog devoted to those squishy-faced wrinkle pups I look forward to sharing stories, health tips, dog food secrets, training tips, funny stories, pictures and videos of our English Bulldogs that we love and adore. English Bulldogs are such a great breed of dog …

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Finding The Perfect English Bulldog With Confidence

English Bulldog puppy

It may seem that finding the perfect English bulldog is an overwhelming task, but it does not have to be that way. To begin with, just choosing this particular breed is a winning decision, because of their well-earned reputation for loyalty, friendliness, and playfulness. What should be your most important criteria when conducting an English …

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How To Properly Bathe An English Bulldog

English bulldog bath

Contrary to what some owners believe, English bulldogs LOVE to take baths! However, don’t overdo it. Bathing your bulldog too frequently will cause the skin and coat to lose its protective luster, making him more susceptible to disease. In fact, frequent brushing is more beneficial for your dog’s coat than bathing.). Still, don’t underestimate the …

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English Bulldog Watching ‘Family Guy?’

English Bulldog watching TV

Howdy, I was surfing the old inter-web yesterday and came across this hillarious video of an English Bulldog watching television and I just had to share it with you!  I don’t know about you but I have seen my little English Bulldog Noble sit up on the couch like this before and remain perfectly content sitting …

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About English Bulldogs

English Bulldog history

Hey English Bulldog Lover, Let’s take a look at the history of our beloved English Bulldogs and learn a little more about their fabled history. The English Bulldog first earned it’s name in 1567 by our friends across the pond in England. This next part is surprising and shocking to many people who know how loveable today’s …

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