English Bulldog On The Top Ten List!

Good news for English Bulldog lovers!

The English Bulldog is back on the Top Ten list of most popular pure bred dogs (rightfully so!).   

A little research revealed that the last time the English Bulldog was on the Top Ten list was 1933, 75 years ago.   The Bulldog ranked 10th in the Kennel Club’s annual ranking of popular dogs from the 157 different breeds.At the top of the list of most popular dogs was the Labrador Retriever, followed by the Yorkshire Terrier, the German Shepherd, the Golden Retriever and the Beagle.The broad-shouldered, stocky Bulldog with its characteristic under-bite and its loveable gait has long been a mascot of sports teams and military units. 

The breed is super friendly and has an even-tempered personality that belies their tough-guy image makes them good pets for families with young children.  Our 1 year old English Bulldog is very loveable, gets along well with all of the Dogs she has met, and has never met a person she does not like. 

“Their personality is unlike any other dog. They are so expressive. If you look in their eyes you can almost see what they are thinking,” said Tammy Hollock, 36, a part-time Bulldog breeder from Delran, New Jersey.

Apparently English Bulldogs have been growing in popularity with celebrities.  It is rumored that actor Adam Sandler (who originally hails from Manchester New Hampshire) and George Clooney have English Bulldogs. 

The breed is the second-most popular dog in Los Angeles, the Kennel Club said.

The growing popularity of the Bulldog has a downside, according to Hollock and officials from the Kennel Club. Bulldogs can suffer from breathing problems and should only be treated by experienced veterinarians.  For this reason it is very important to find a reputable breeder well versed on the specifics of English Bulldogs. 


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