Applying the Campbell puppy test to your English bulldog

Recently, many prospective dog owners have asked me whether the Campbell Puppy Test can accurately predict a puppy’s long-term behavior. So, I’ve decided to post this short Question and Answer article that hopefully addresses your concerns.

Question 1: Should I have my English bulldog puppy tested at all?

The Campbell Test and other similar evaluations are never foolproof. However, it is generally acknowledged that breeds like English bulldogs will reveal their personality as young pups. It is in your interest to know if he is submissive, domineering, aggressive, or somewhere in the middle. Especially when it comes to house training and behavioral exercises.

There is no such thing as a perfect English bulldog puppy. In fact, you as an owner will exert the greatest influence over how well disposed your pet becomes via your personal training methods.

Question 2: What is the best way to set up the Campbell Puppy Test?

To avoid any bias, place your English bulldog in unfamiliar surroundings, so that children and other distractions do not divert his attention.

Although most puppies’ personality traits are set after eight weeks, their relative non-attachment to humans at his time makes them ideal candidates for the test.

Make sure that the Campbell test is conducted by a qualified person who your puppy does not recognize. Owners, breeders, etc. should not be involved.

Question 3: What are the Campbell Puppy Test Guidelines?

The focuses on five (5) key issues:

1. Social Attraction
2. Response to Obligation
3. Social Domination
4. Facility to Follow
5. Acceptance to be Lifted

Question 4: Can you discuss each point in detail, please?

Social attraction: Evaluator sits a few feet away from the puppy and observes his behavior and reactions to the surroundings. For example, does the puppy follow the evaluator around the room? What is its body language (e.g. high tail or low tail?). Alternatively, does the bulldog puppy try to run away, or is he spending time exploring the test location?

Response to obligation: Your puppy is placed on his back and held down by the chest by the evaluator’s flat palm. Then, the reactions are observed:

– Is your puppy angry and trying to bite the evaluator’s hand?
– Is there a lot of squirming, or does the puppy calm down after some initial protests?
– Does the dog lay down quietly, or does he try to lick the evaluator’s hand?

Social domination:

Testing the bulldog puppy’s tendencies can be as simple as sitting with the dog and petting him. See if the puppy rolls on his back or frantically tries to run away. Does he try to climb on the evaluator, lick his hands, or bite him?

Facility to follow:

Measuring a puppy’s willingness to follow can best be judged by bringing the puppy close to the evaluator, and then walking away from him.

How does your puppy react? Does he follow the evaluator, stay put, or go off in another direction? Is the puppy eager, nipping at the tester’s heels or jumping on him? Or, does he choose to follow from a distance?

Acceptance to be lifted:

The evaluator lifts your puppy away from him only by his chest without the dog seeing him.

What happens? Does your bulldog remain calm, or does he become anxious and try licking the tester’s hands? Does he try biting the hands, or squirm and struggle to be set free? How long does it take for him to calm down?

The Campbell puppy test should give you, the dog owner, a good feel for your English bulldog’s personality. Ideally, he will be in the middle of the dominance-submissiveness spectrum. First-time owners in particular should avoid puppies that are on the extremes of the performance scale. Advanced training (i.e. time-consuming and expensive) from professionals would be the other option should you decide on a more challenging pet.

Hope that helps!!

PS – If you’re looking for some good English Bulldog Training Videos Check This Out

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Teach Your Children Excellent English Bulldog Puppy Integration Skills

English Bulldog PuppiesI’ve got a guest article from a friend for you today~ enjoy!

Most adults fortunate enough to have had a puppy English bulldog in their youth look back on those years with fondness and pride. My Winston (yes, quite English!) was the best present a six-year old could ever get. Even now, a big grin comes across my face as I recall those precious moments: the first time we met at the kennel, all the fun we had playing ball, even the times I had to clean up after him.

Winston is long gone now, up in Bulldog heaven, but my memories of him live forever…

No doubt about it – adding a puppy to your family adds a whole new dimension to a child’s life. English bulldog puppies in particular are renowned for being friendly and playful with youngsters. Before long, your kids will start building their own set of unforgettable memories.

Managing expectations may end up being your greatest contribution to puppy ownership. Your children will be extremely excited prior to your pet’s arrival, and eager to start playing with him or her right away. More importantly, they will want to build a strong relationship with the puppy, akin to those they share with close school friends and other human playmates.

As the parent, it’s your job to keep the English bulldog puppy’s best interests foremost in mind. Initially, he will be traumatized by his new surroundings and the “strangers” that constantly surround him. Give your bulldog friend adequate time to de-stress and overcome initial fears. Allowing your dog enough time to settle down and being gentle with him will make for a successful “homecoming”.

Family meetings clear up puppy misconceptions.

Communication is critical within your family prior to your bulldog puppy’s arrival. Go over these critical rules frequently in the build-up to the big day:

• Tell your children not to frighten or hurt their new family member, since he will initially be very scared and stressed.

• Speak to the puppy in dulcet tones and sounds. Screaming, shouting, and raised voices will scare the puppy and are thus forbidden.

• For the elder siblings: The new puppy bulldog is not unlike a newborn baby: delicate, soft, small, and easily hurt. Therefore, rough playing and aggressiveness are not allowed at all.

• Creating a harmonious home atmosphere will help integrate the puppy into your daily lives. Avoid physical and vocal fights in full view of him. Bulldogs are empathic and can detect negative human feelings easily.

Ask your child to commit these “puppy” rules to memory, and make sure they understand why they must be obeyed. The puppy’s needs come first. Once your kids understand this, it will be easier for them to bond with their English bulldog and keep him happy.

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Finding The Perfect English Bulldog With Confidence

It may seem that finding the perfect English bulldog is an overwhelming task, but it does not have to be that way. To begin with, just choosing this particular breed is a winning decision, because of their well-earned reputation for loyalty, friendliness, and playfulness.

What should be your most important criteria when conducting an English bulldog search? First of all, you need to have a budget in place for purchase as well as your bulldog’s ongoing presence. English bulldogs, especially pure breeds that come directly from a certified breeder, can be expensive.

Don’t forget to discuss your intentions with your co-inhabitants (i.e. spouse, children, roommates, etc.). Even if you are the English bulldog’s primary caregiver, other’s lives will be affected by his presence. Make sure everyone is on side before taking the plunge.

Consider visiting local shelters and rescue clubs to locate English bulldogs who need a permanent, loving home. You may be lucky enough to find purebred dogs that simply got lost in the shuffle. For example, an adult English bulldog from a shelter may already be housebroken and beyond the puppy “chewing” stage (rare instance most likely but possible).

Ah yes, the eternal question of adult versus puppy. Follow these guidelines if owning an adult English bulldog is your choice:

• The English bulldog’s health.
• The bulldog’s history prior to ownership.
• Behavior around young children – your own and/or your neighbors.
• How the bulldog acts around your current pets.
• Friendliness quotient with family members and guests.
• The English bulldog is a good fit with your current lifestyle and attitude.

On the other hand, consider these criteria if you would like to own an English bulldog puppy:

• The puppy’s parents’ health.
• Completeness of the puppy’s vaccination records and health history.
• The puppy and his/her siblings are alert (i.e. clear eyes) and active.
• The English bulldog was born in a professional, clean facility.
• The kennel owners have references and possess meaningful experience.
• The breeder offers you a return policy.
• Other bulldogs in the kennel, especially the adults, have a friendly manner.

On the surface, English bulldogs may appear mean and intimidating, but under all those wrinkles is a heart of gold. The requirements mentioned here may not be complete, and different people will place more value on different things. However, thanks to your diligent research and follow-up, you can be assured that the adult or puppy you select will become a true friend for life.

PS – If its your first time getting an English Bulldog I recommend getting your English Bulldog Basics covered – Important and essential things you MUST know…

PPS – What was your experience when getting your first English Bulldog? Share your thoughts and experiences below! We’d love to hear from you!

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How To Properly Bathe An English Bulldog

Contrary to what some owners believe, English bulldogs LOVE to take baths!

However, don’t overdo it. Bathing your bulldog too frequently will cause the skin and coat to lose its protective luster, making him more susceptible to disease. In fact, frequent brushing is more beneficial for your dog’s coat than bathing.). Still, don’t underestimate the value of a quality bath.

Unless they regularly play in mud and grass, a monthly bath should suffice for these normally clean dogs. Use common sense; if your English bulldog has been suffering from stomach upset (diarrhea) and smells bad, increase the bathing frequency.

Preventing infections is a primary motivation for bathing your English bulldog. Consider closing your dog’s ears with cotton balls to prevent water from entering the ear canals and encouraging inflammation.

English bulldogs need soft, mild soaps and shampoos. Quite often, chemicals and other ingredients found in human cleansers are unsuitable, even harmful for canines. When in doubt, go with a veterinarian’s recommendation that’s proven to work even if it is a little more expensive.

english bulldog bathingYour English bulldog deserves the best, so take the time to make bathing an enjoyable experience for him. Use lukewarm water, and follow the following tips:

• Be prepared! Have your bulldog’s leash, towel, shampoo, soap, and conditioner in place at the bath location.

• Ideally, give the bath on a warm, sunny morning so that your dog can look out the window and enjoy the scenery while drying.

• Start with you bulldog’s shoulders and work backwards. Rinse well and dry with a towel, brush the coat as soon as you’re finished and once again after the dog is dry.

• Protect your canine from getting water and soap in his eyes and nose.

• English bulldogs are especially social creatures, so talk to them during bath time.

I encourage regular photo taking too!! The looks on their faces when bathing is HILLARIOUS! 😉

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English Bulldog Watching ‘Family Guy?’


I was surfing the old inter-web yesterday and came across this hillarious video of an English Bulldog watching television and I just had to share it with you!  I don’t know about you but I have seen my little English Bulldog Noble sit up on the couch like this before and remain perfectly content sitting there in this very “chill” position. 

Check out the video below and you’ll see:

Pretty funny ehh?

As a Family guy fan I can’t help but wonder if this English Bulldog is a big Brian fan?? 😉

Its seems every time I chat with an another English Bulldog owner they always have a funny story to share about their Bully. Some crazy thing they do (skateboarding, surfing, barking in a way that sounds like “hello” – you name it!).

Do you have a story to share about your English Bulldog? I’d love to hear it! Post it below or even better yet if you have a video on You Tube I’d love to see it! share the link!

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About English Bulldogs

Hey English Bulldog Lover,

Let’s take a look at the history of our beloved English Bulldogs and learn a little more about their fabled history. 

The English Bulldog first earned it’s name in 1567 by our friends across the pond in England. This next part is surprising and shocking to many people who know how loveable today’s “Bully” is but the English Bulldog was originally breed and used for a pretty gruesome and barbaric sport called “bull baiting.”Bulldog bull baiting

This “sport” called “Bull baiting” was a form of entertainment in England (no TV, guess they thought this was a good idea…).

Anyway, here’s the scoop on “Bull Baiting”:  The English Bulldog would bite a ring that was hooked to a bull’s nose and try to suffocate the bull (yikes!). At some point down the road Bull baiting was called a “barbaric sport” (shocker right?) and was banned in 1835.

The great news was that English Bulldog had the aggressiveness breed out of it and breed to be a family pet and a show dog.

English Bulldog Body Type

english-bulldog-body-typeEnglish Bulldog’s are known to be be short in stature but very stocky (looking like modern day pwerlifters!!).  🙂  

Another well known characteristic of an English Bulldog is it’s darn cute and extremely wrinkly face – “a face only a mother can love” as the saying goes!  The English Bulldog breed comes in a variety of coat colors from white to brindle. 

Some stats about “The Bully” Breed:

A mature English Bulldog male  and female weighs from 55 – 80 pounds and is 12 – 16 inches long.  Although I must say this general stat is not 100% true as my 4 year old female English Bulldog who was the pick of the litter weighs in at only 43 pounds.  She is in really great phsyical condition though! 

English Bulldogs Family Friendly? But of Course!!

child-with-english-bulldogEnglish Bulldogs are phenomenal family pets, very loving, trainable, loyal and get along with children very well. As a general rule, English Bulldogs have absolutely no problem being around other pets or environments where there may be a crowd of people. My English Bulldog Noble is VERY social (a regular ‘Social Butterfly’ and she absolutely HAS to say ‘hi’ to every single person we see out walking around the neighborhood and town).  Unlike some other bull breed dogs the English Bulldog is a very playful and charismatic dog with TONS of personality!!!  😉

Bullies Can’t Stand The Heat!

My bully LOVES laying in the sun BUT let’s just say the breed as a whole are not big fans of prolonged bouts of heat.  The English Bulldog just can’t handle long periods of time in the heat. ‘Bullies’ can easily overheat and get fatigued really quickly in the direct sunlight. The breed tends to prefer cooler climates which makes it a necessity to be an inside dog.  I live in the Northeast in New Hampshie so its a perfect environment with our cooler summers and VERY COOL winters….

Snore, snore, snore…. 

If you like quiet nights of sleep this may not be the dog for you….  😉 

Bulldogs tend to breathe and snore very heavily (give em a break, they have short snouts!) and this is a trait you will need to just get used to. Along with the snoring English Bulldogs pass gas and some can be prone to drool.  I have personally found keeping my English Bulldog’s food healthy has really helped with this “gas” problem. 

Hit the gym for a workout with your English Bulldog!

Just as you should stay physically active and take care of your own body you will need to exercise you English Bulldog to maintain its health and fitness levels (that’s the personal trainer in my coming out). If your “Bully” doesn’t receive regular exercise he/she will gain weight which in turn could lead to serious health problems.  I’ve always been really good about feeding my Bulldog an all organic food diet and walking and/or playing with her every day and the Vet is always amazed at hwo great her phsyical condition is! 

A healthy Bulldog will live about 10 – 11 happy years that you will treasure!

English Bulldogs can potentially suffer from several health problems that may need to be addressed. This is why some Vets recommend that you not consider buying an English Bulldog unless you are absolutely willing to put in the time and care for your Bully.  Two health problems that English Bulldogs are prone to is hip dysplasia and elongated soft palate.

Hip dysplasia is a genetic flaw that is caused from abnormal hip joint development when a puppy. This will cause the Bulldog to walk stiff or almost look like it is bunny hopping when trying to walk. Hip dysplasia can be corrected through a surgical operation that can be expensive.

When a Bulldog has an elongated soft palate this will cause labored breathing. The palate can be corrected by surgery and should be an easy fix if detected early. This is generally an easy fix and is not to expensive when compared to the corrective surgery for hip dysplasia.

Beauty Care for Your Bulldog?

While those face wrinkles are cute as hell one last area that will need attention is the folds on the English Bulldogs face. These folds need to be regularly cleaned and checked for any hot spots or sores. They tend to get filled with dirt and anything else the Bulldog rubs it’s face in.

englishbulldogblgo.comYou Will Love Your ‘Bully’

An English Bulldog is a wonderful pet and will bring you many years of happiness if you take great care of it!  I would not recommend a Bulldog for a first time pet owner unless you are ready for the responsibility or a medium – high maintenance pet.  With that said, if you take great care of your ‘Bully’ I think you will come to love this Breed as much as I do!! 




PS – What’s your favorite thing about the English Bulldog breed?  Post your comment below! 

PPS – If you are brand new to the English Bulldog breed I HIGHLY recommend you check out Jan’s info about how to have a healthy ‘Bully!”

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English Bulldog “Screw Tail” Care

Hey there English Bulldog lover,

Today we wanted to share a little about English Bulldog ‘Screw Tails’ and how to take care of them.  Our little girl Noble (our 12 month old bully) has a ‘screw tail’ and we learned from Jan Oswald and her Healthy Bulldog E-book that we really need to stay on top of cleaning it to make sure she doesn’t get a Yeast infection. 

So far we haven’t had to clean Noble’s screw tail every day but you may need to depending on your English Bulldog. 

It’s important to clean all the little folds so your bully doesn’t get an infection.  We use regular, non-scented, alcohol-free Baby Wipes to clean her tail and they work great.  You can pick these up at any supermarket. 

Regular cleaning will keep the yeast problems at bay and keep your English Bulldog healthy and happy. 

All the best,

Kyle and Trinity

PS – If you have an English Bulldog we strongly recommend you check out Jan’s ‘Healthy Bulldog’ E-book so you can learn all the tips and insider tricks to keeping your English Bulldog healthy.  To learn more Click Here….

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Are English Bulldogs Agile? See For Yourself!

 Hey English Bulldog Lover,

 We just came back from walking our little English Bulldog Noble around the Neighborhood and were talking about getting another English Bulldog and decided to look around at some funny and cute English Bulldog videos on You Tube.

We came across a cool video that shows that English Bulldogs can be very agile and coordinated (most people don’t percieve them to be very agile or coordinated). 

Watch ‘Deezel’ the English Bulldog show off his skills: 


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English Bulldog On The Top Ten List!

Good news for English Bulldog lovers!

The English Bulldog is back on the Top Ten list of most popular pure bred dogs (rightfully so!).   

A little research revealed that the last time the English Bulldog was on the Top Ten list was 1933, 75 years ago.   The Bulldog ranked 10th in the Kennel Club’s annual ranking of popular dogs from the 157 different breeds.At the top of the list of most popular dogs was the Labrador Retriever, followed by the Yorkshire Terrier, the German Shepherd, the Golden Retriever and the Beagle.The broad-shouldered, stocky Bulldog with its characteristic under-bite and its loveable gait has long been a mascot of sports teams and military units. 

The breed is super friendly and has an even-tempered personality that belies their tough-guy image makes them good pets for families with young children.  Our 1 year old English Bulldog is very loveable, gets along well with all of the Dogs she has met, and has never met a person she does not like. 

“Their personality is unlike any other dog. They are so expressive. If you look in their eyes you can almost see what they are thinking,” said Tammy Hollock, 36, a part-time Bulldog breeder from Delran, New Jersey.

Apparently English Bulldogs have been growing in popularity with celebrities.  It is rumored that actor Adam Sandler (who originally hails from Manchester New Hampshire) and George Clooney have English Bulldogs. 

The breed is the second-most popular dog in Los Angeles, the Kennel Club said.

The growing popularity of the Bulldog has a downside, according to Hollock and officials from the Kennel Club. Bulldogs can suffer from breathing problems and should only be treated by experienced veterinarians.  For this reason it is very important to find a reputable breeder well versed on the specifics of English Bulldogs. 


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English Bulldog Snoring – An Obnoxious Annoyance Or Hillarious Quality?

When Trinity and I first started researching English Bulldogs we were a little taken back when we learned that the breed is well-known for their tendancy to snore….

 We said to ourselves, “How bad can it really be?”

We bought our English Bulldog puppy ‘Noble’ and soon enough she was snoring away… 

It was not as bad as we thought and the longer we have had her the more we have come to love it when she snores – it’s just so funny to hear her little English Bulldog snoring! 

 As I type this post she is sleeping on the Futon next to me snoring away!  🙂

If you are considering investing in an English Bulldog then you will want to check out these funny videos so you can get a sense of what is in store for you!  

I hope that you enjoyed the video of the English Bulldog snoring and that you love them still as much as we do!


Kyle and Trinity

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