Are English Bulldogs Agile? See For Yourself!

 Hey English Bulldog Lover,

 We just came back from walking our little English Bulldog Noble around the Neighborhood and were talking about getting another English Bulldog and decided to look around at some funny and cute English Bulldog videos on You Tube.

We came across a cool video that shows that English Bulldogs can be very agile and coordinated (most people don’t percieve them to be very agile or coordinated). 

Watch ‘Deezel’ the English Bulldog show off his skills: 


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5 Responses to Are English Bulldogs Agile? See For Yourself!

  1. Celeste says:

    Hehe, I’ve always loved that video of Deezel! I wish Abbie had that much talent, *sigh*. You should check out the video of Matzaball, Adam Sandler’s bulldog, when she interviewed on the David Letterman show. That’s another classic, and I’m sure your readers would LOVE it! =)

  2. BullyFan says:

    Isn’t this dog awesome? One of my pups is super energetic so I plan on training her in agility, dancing, and do I dare say it? Skateboarding :-). Cool video, keep them coming!

  3. whoooooohooooooo – did you hear us cheering for you, Deezel?!
    Good job! You are one smart Bulldog!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. hello. does anyone have any bulldog training videos?

  5. What an awesome dog.

    Deezel you are a legend.

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