English Bulldog Snoring – An Obnoxious Annoyance Or Hillarious Quality?

When Trinity and I first started researching English Bulldogs we were a little taken back when we learned that the breed is well-known for their tendancy to snore….

 We said to ourselves, “How bad can it really be?”

We bought our English Bulldog puppy ‘Noble’ and soon enough she was snoring away… 

It was not as bad as we thought and the longer we have had her the more we have come to love it when she snores – it’s just so funny to hear her little English Bulldog snoring! 

 As I type this post she is sleeping on the Futon next to me snoring away!  🙂

If you are considering investing in an English Bulldog then you will want to check out these funny videos so you can get a sense of what is in store for you!  

I hope that you enjoyed the video of the English Bulldog snoring and that you love them still as much as we do!


Kyle and Trinity

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I am an avid English Bulldog Lover who wanted to share my experiences, tips, videos, and pictures... I hope that you love them just as much as I do!
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3 Responses to English Bulldog Snoring – An Obnoxious Annoyance Or Hillarious Quality?

  1. Liz says:

    I would pay for my bully to snore that low. My bully snores and it’s getting worse its actually annoying now

  2. n8 says:

    I love English Bulldogs, I have two right now. Hank and Zoe. These dogs are truly one of a kind. Crazy as hell..

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