Welcome To The EnglishBullDogBlog.com!!

Noble playing with her “Sun” Toy!

Fellow Engligh Bulldog Lover, 

Welcome to the English Bulldog Blog.com.  We look forward to sharing stories, health tips, dog food secrets, training tips, funny stories, pictures and videos of our English Bulldogs that we love and adore.

This is a picture of 1 year old Female English Bulldog “Noble” (how cute is she??!!). 

Looking forward to sharing some of happiness with you! 


 Kyle and Trinity 

About **Admin**

I am an avid English Bulldog Lover who wanted to share my experiences, tips, videos, and pictures... I hope that you love them just as much as I do!
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2 Responses to Welcome To The EnglishBullDogBlog.com!!

  1. sally says:

    Hi we just got our english bulldog and he is white with light brown patches and have 2 boxers. Noble looks like our boxers you have the best of both worlds and english with boxer markings she is very beautiful love the pic

  2. Genie Leask says:

    You could do any number of things. Like hold a dog when trying to teach a recall (come when called). You may hold a dog while the owner cleans up any messes that the dog makes. You will probably assist in training the dog whatever you may be working on.

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